Libertarian Candidate for San Diego City Council District 2

Hello brothers and sisters.

I am a resident of District 2, and have spent many wonderful years living in the Bay Park Neighborhood.  I am applying to represent the citizens of our district, city, and all lovers of liberty!

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I will bring honor and integrity to the office of City Council. I stand for freedom, peace and self-reliance. I am not for sale. I believe in the absolute liberty and natural rights of each person to pursue their own version of happiness. I will work directly with every citizen that wishes to make a positive difference in San Diego.
Mark Schwartz San Diego

Candidate for District 2 San Diego City Council Race

I am a political ‘outsider,’ born and raised in the USA by two hard working parents who owned their own business. I am a constitutional conservative and will not waiver from the ideals our founding fathers proclaimed upon the creation of this great nation. I believe in the inalienable rights of our civil society, our sovereignty, and reject the Statist agenda to control every aspect of our lives.


- Support free market economy and free enterprise locally by working to reduce tax burden and permitting costs to San Diego businesses.

- Champion cutting tax waste with privatization of city services (managed competition,) opening small businesses bid opportunities to fill city needs.

- Vote NO on any proposed ordinance that increases tax burden on citizens. I will speak out against any new propositions or bonds to be levied on the citizens that infringe on property rights and freedom.

- Establish a safe and secure way for Whistle-blowers to notify me about any case of city corruption, theft, injustice, violence, etc. Stealing from citizens will not be tolerated, you will be protected.

- Seek to expand revenue steams to reduce tax burdens on citizens, through marketing the city to film, convention, music festivals, and shipping industries.

- Support small business by championing deregulation and the lowering license requirements with deregulation. Work to end yearly property tax on equipment.

- Reject wasteful perks of office such as 401(k), car credits, junkets and pension. I am here to serve the people. I will take a 50% salary reduction, my first day in office.

- Fight city cronyism we see daily. For instance; our failing green traffic lights, the ACE Parking monopoly, the monstrous football lighting and sound system at Clairemont H.S.

- Resolutely defend the freedoms instilled within the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights by use of Tenth Amendment rights given to the state and city.

- Fight for all human rights with focus on women’s and LGBT safety from violence and discrimination. We need to pursue private charities to help fund crisis services and remove burden from citizens.

- Support urban and community victory gardens, focus on innovations in aquaponics, hydroponics, and conventional soil farming. Work to allot our unused district land to neighborhoods for food production.

- Support the right to bear arms; for home defense, hunter, sports, protection of revolution and fisherman rights. The citizens constrained rights to concealed carry and open-carry will be brought to the public forum, I will work with San Diego Crime Commission to open dialog.

- Hold a steadfast focus on less government control over our lives and reject nanny-statism. Locally I will refuse to accept any Federal dollars with strings attached that compromise our liberty.

- Support all civil rights pertaining to personal and property rights. Fight government pillaging of citizens with  eminent domain.

- Seek and implement alternative energy technologies and infrastructure improvement, focus on frugality and open multi-bid contracts. Secure the best work for the lowest price through private contractors.

- Support public education by bringing attention to voucher systems and need for randomized teacher reviews.

- Demand end to illegal addition of fluoride to our drinking water. Defend the rights of all people to make their own decisions about their health and body.

- Focus on efficiency, fiscal-conservation and clarity of my administration.

- Support civil rights for all races, religions, sexualities, and creeds. Seek private charity for crisis shelters.

- Work to remove the ban on responsible alcohol consumption at our beaches. We are not default criminals for opening a can of craft beer, nor should we be fined.



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